Our Cannabis Products

Inhalence goes above-and-beyond to ensure our clients experience the best cannabis products imaginable.

Five 1/8OZ Preroll Pack


Another reason to choose Inhalence is the package of 7-pre-rolls.
At half a gram each, our pre-roll pack is the perfect solution for anyone on-the-go and a believer in the sharing-is-caring motto.
Don’t worry; we left out the shake and trim for the best experience possible.

Hand-Crafted Individual Pre-Rolls


As perfectionists, we prize quality over quantity.
With this in mind, we craft each of our 1-gram cannabis pre-rolls without the use of trim or shake. Once you have an Inhalence pre-roll, there’s nothing left to do but kick back, spark-up, and enjoy.

Clean and Potent Cannabis Flowers

At Inhalence, we cultivate, process, and package our flowers in-house.
In other words, we aren’t satisfied unless the flowers are perfect. From sky-high potency to crystal-clear lab results, Inhalence’s cannabis flowers are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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